Competition will be held on Sunday June 24th in Dublin.

There will be a semi-final throughout the day to determine who sings in the gala finale at 7.30 that evening.

Online entry open until April 30th.

Semi Finalists will be notified by May 20th. Semi-finalists will be required to pay an entry fee of €50 upon acceptance of their place.

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Peregryne is a small choral ensemble established in Vienna in 2009 that specialises in late middle English repertory. Over the last nine years, its international membership has drawn together musicians from Ireland, England, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Korea. The group has performed in Ireland, England, Austria and Switzerland. They won Lyric FM's 'Choirs for Christmas' competition as the best choir in December 2014, and undertook a week-long residency of Bristol cathedral in August 2015. More usually, Peregryne has specialised in music of the 15th and 16th centuries, performed as part of the monastic office of Compline in churches and cathedrals around Dublin. The name Peregryne, ultimately finds its origins in the Latin 'peregrinus', meaning foreign or exotic, as the Irish monks or 'peregrinatio' must have appeared when wandering through medieval Europe. Its cognate is the word 'pelegrim', and today we are privileged to continue a tradition of choral pilgrimage throughout Europe and beyond.


IIACF Hosts Ardú exists with two main objectives in mind: to bring entertainment and new musical experiences to as wide an audience as possible with accessible, popular and unique repertoire, and to educate and develop musicianship and vocal skills through an education programme which does not discriminate.

The six singers are from various parts of Ireland and the UK - all of whom have roots in traditional choral singing. They launched their debut album, ‘NOVA’ in November 2015. This eleven track album features well-known songs from artists such as Queen and Coldplay, all arranged to suit our unique sound.

In August 2016 Ardú launched the first ever 'Ireland's A Cappella Festival and performed sold out Live shows at Accents Cafe and The Button Factory in the space of a week! Other notable performances at Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, London A Cappella Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and MusicTown Festival, Dublin.